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For  Refereed Field Use:

$12.00 with your own equipment.. 
$27.00 per person and we provide everything!
(Includes use of a Pro Carbine semi-automatic gun, CO2,
200 paintballs and all protective gear)

(Field Paint Only with equipment rentals) 
  Coveralls are also available for $5.00 per person

Your $30.00 equipment rental is for as long as you want to play! Each game lasts approximately 15 minutes.

All Day Air or CO2 :
$10.00 refills your HPA tank or CO2 tank for the entire day of play.. 

For Target Range Use:

$10.00 (Includes use of a Pro Carbine semi-automatic gun, 100 paintballs and safety goggles)
Additional paintballs are $5.00 per 100.

For Monday - Friday Reservations:

A minimum of 15 persons is required for field rental through the week. A $100 deposit is 
required to secure the reservation, and will be applied to your rentals the day of your event. 
Monday - Friday outings are field paint only!  

If your count drops below 15 people on the day of your event, your deposit 
will not be applied to rentals, and used for field rental fee.