Мастер плитки


1. Masks on at all times. While entering and leaving the field, and during play, masks MUST to be on.

2. Barrel plug MUST be in when entering and leaving field, and in rest area.

3. All guns must be chronographed for 280 fps and under. All field guns are preset, however the referee may request to check the velocity at any time.

4. No shots within 20 feet. Call “POINT BLANK.”

5. Gun shots count. Friendly fire counts. Head shots count but are discouraged.

6. A Paint splatter bigger than a quarter is a hit and you’re out. When a player is tagged he or she must yell, “I’m out”, put his or her barrel plug in, hold marker above head, and walk directly off the field to the designated rest area. If said player is carrying a team flag he or she must drop it. Failure to acknowledge a direct hit or wiping off paint in the field will get a player suspended for the next game. Get caught twice, and you are done for the day! Remember paintball is an “honor sport”! If everyone plays by the rules, everyone has fun. Cheaters ruin everyone’s fun.

7. If you think you’ve tagged your opponent and your opponent is not leaving the game call for a “Paint-check”. The judge, at his own discretion, will check the player for paint and may declare the player neutral. A neutral player can not shoot or be shot at, and is in effect an inactive player. A judge will decide if the neutral player will continue to play or is out. The overuse of calling for a paint-check to assist you in strategy will get you called out.


9. If your barrel needs cleaning, you may request referee assistance, however it is not mandatory. Game is still in play

10. A tagged played cannot assist his teammates in play. He/she cannot communicate, or share equipment and paintballs.

11. A player being assisted by a referee is not in play, he/she is neutral. A neutral player may not shoot at, be shot at or be advanced upon by opposing team players.

12. For users of rental guns only: Do not pick up paintballs off of the ground even if they were just dropped, they can cause severe internal damage to moving parts of the guns.

13. Players caught cheating (e.g. wiping paint.) will be assessed a warning and he or she will be removed from that game along with two teammates.

14. A player will be given warnings for misbehavior including, but not limited to; unsportsmanlike conduct, violating rule #1, #2, #8 or #13, treating others/referees, etc. Depending on the severity of the situation, players will either be assessed warnings or immediate expulsion from the field. Warnings are assessed as follows
Warning 1: Verbal Warning - Reserved for a clearly accidental offense. For any intentional or serious offense, this step may be skipped.
Warning 2: Player sits out remainder of current game and at least the next game.
Warning 3: Player is asked to leave the field.

15. Referees have the final say!